SuperMone Pheromone Cologne for Men

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After years of development, Love Scent is proud to offer SuperMone Pheromone Cologne for Men—the next generation pheromone potion!

Using years of clinical pheromone research as its inspiration, SuperMone combines two powerhouse pheromones, AndrosteNOL and AndrostaDIENONE, to create a versatile and dependable pheromone spray for men.

One of the most well-researched pheromones to date, AndrostaDIENONE has a wide range of positive effects for men and women alike. It enhances your natural masculinity and authority, improves communication, and puts women in a better and more generous mood. Wearing AndrostaDIENONE will help you enjoy positive interactions with women all day long.

Known as “the icebreaker pheromone,” AndrosteNOL works directly with the behavioral centers in the brain to elevate your mood and enhance your social magnetism. Women will be more comfortable with you, men will be more respectful to you, and everyone will be drawn to you! Enjoy soaring confidence and social ease in any situation.

SuperMone Pheromone Cologne contains a classic men's fragrance that elevates the pheromones. No need for further cover scents: just apply 1-2 sprays to your throat and wrists, and you're ready to go!

SuperMone comes in a 15 ml atomizer bottle.


Pheromone content: 3 mg AndrosteNOL and 1.5 mg AndrostaDIENONE per 15 ml bottle.

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