AndrosteNONE (6 ml)

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AndrosteNONE was the first human sex pheromone to be identified by researchers. It is found in many mammals, and in humans it is primarily found in sweat.

Studies have linked AndrosteNONE to sexual dominance and attraction, and it is found in many of our pheromone products for both men and women. When used sparingly, AndrosteNONE has a moderate scent that can easily be covered and combined with your favorite fragrances. It effects range from increased confidence and perceived authority to enhanced sexual magnetism and sex appeal.

However, AndrosteNONE must be used with caution: if too much is used, it can smell strongly of body odor and have the opposite of the desired effect. Too much of this strong pheromone can intimidate and agitate others, and, in the case of men, can make them aggressive.

If you're a pheromone expert and would like to try your hand at making your own pheromone-infused fragrances, AndrosteNONE can be a great addition to your lab. Each 6 ml bottle of AndrosteNONE contains a guaranteed 6 mg dry weight of pure pheromones in a DPG and ethanol base.

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