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Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men


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Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men, now with a brand-new bottle and label, is our most popular product for men. This tried-and-true cologne contains a well-balanced formula, including AndrosteNONE, AndrosteNOL, and AndrosteRONE, and is scented with a pleasing cover fragrance.

It's the unique combination of pheromones in Chikara that sets it apart. The combination of social and sexual pheromones results in a formula that attractive but unaggressive, making this a product that can be worn on dates, to the office, to the bar, and anywhere else. Any aggressive effects from the sex pheromones are balanced out by the social pheromones.

This is an ideal choice for those interested in a pheromone product that can be worn every day, and for those new to pheromones who are unsure of where to start.

The Chikara fragrance has a pleasing aroma, reminiscent of sandalwood, and is long-lasting but not overpowering. The scent will draw people in and give them greater exposure to the pheromones.

Apply a spray of Chikara wherever you normally apply cologne: to the wrists, throat, and behind the ears.

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men comes in a 15 ml atomizer bottle.

You can also try Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men with the Chikara Mini for $9.95!


  1. A first timer must Try! Review by ~Matt~

    I have been using pheromones for over 30-years. You will start out wanting it to attract the ladies and you will find out that it’s so much more then that!
    This is the perfect blend and smell for first timers, or like me 2-bottles a month so I don’t have to play with making my own blend!
    Chikara is the perfect go to blend to of course to attract the ladies! they will definitely look twice, want you to talk to them, or come back around depending where you are and what the situation is.
    Chikara is also the perfect go to blend if you need some extra confidence! Maybe you have a job interview or you have to go deal with someone or something and you want the edge it’s just what you need.
    Chikara is the perfect go to blend just to start your day at work, people will trust you more. They will listen to what you have to say and of course all the women at work will want to confide in you!

    Okay so now you know that this works, but there are some rules you must obey with all pheromones. First off you have to take care of yourself if you want the correct results. This will bring them into your circle but if you don’t take care of yourself, I don’t care how much you use they will quickly leave. Make sure you have nicely manicured fingernails, your hair is clean and put together, your clothes are not wrinkled and stained! You brush your teeth and suck on a cinnamon mint or chew some cinnamon gum. Shoes are huge to women! All women! Keep them clean and tight not tied tight but you hear me! The most important part is to smile.
    You don’t have to have game, but you have to talk and just be yourself and most importantly honest! No one likes a lire or story teller.
    Feel 100% confident in this company! They are the best out there! I have ordered from here this website I’ve also ordered from them on Amazon. Every time for years I receive exactly what i ordered! I get it very quickly and they always send something little extra. They have the best customer service just message them and they will take care of you.
    So if your thinking about trying pheromones for the first time. This is hands down the only one you need to try. I will tell you not to spray too much because you can draw out an alpha that doesn’t have self control! three sprays are perfect and then maybe two more 4-hours later for a 15-hour day.
    You may get someone that says something or someone smells really bad! Men or women there are a few people out there that are hypersensitive to Pheromones, just don’t say a word and they will walk away. It’s not magic but it definitely will give you the edge over most people. (Posted on 4/17/2020)

  2. Very sexy Review by Carolcell

    has a very sexy and romantic scent (Posted on 5/10/2019)

  3. One of my favorites! Review by Jesse

    Chikara is my favorite all around product. I absolutely love the scent and so do the women! Highly recommend to anybody looking to experiment. Give it a shot! (Posted on 12/15/2018)

  4. Product You Can Have Faith In Review by Django

    When using this product I received many more stares, compliments, and others would approach me to start up a conversation. Of course the person has to have a good likeable personality but when that is coupled with this pheromone there should be nothing to hold you back from what you want. I'm glad I tried this product. I will be buying it again. It has become a staple for me. (Posted on 12/11/2018)

  5. a part of my personal "scent". Review by J P

    I am always getting compliments when I walk by, but more interesting is women notice when I don't wear it. It's memorable and now a part of my personal "scent". Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/16/2018)

  6. Getting hit on Review by Alex

    I've had the women at work much friendlier to me. Getting numbers from women even if they already have a boyfriend. Personality helps, but the scent makes women want to be closer to me. (Posted on 7/7/2018)

  7. Like Smelling Sweet Clouds Review by John

    Still testing but got good reactions after wearing for a week! (Posted on 6/30/2018)

  8. Great Product Review by Chad

    This product was my first time ever trying any pheromone product. And the results were excellent. Great product for beginners. Not too strong or over powering, but a very balanced product great for any occasion. (Posted on 5/30/2018)

  9. Works. Review by Sam

    Great scent. Actually works. (Posted on 5/30/2018)

  10. Neck breaker Review by Jr9

    This stuff will make you the center of attention without any effort people just walk up to you and talk to you like you've known them forever. (Posted on 5/23/2018)

  11. Works phenomenally Review by Anthony

    I’ve been using this cologne for years, and if you really pay attention to the days you put it on to the days you don’t, you’ll notice the subtle interest by those around you. Even my roommates who see me everyday cant avoid succumbing to it and will compliment me on trivial things like my hair or shirt they’ve seen a million times. I will say that as the bottle gets low, the results definitely decline, as I’m assuming to potency of the bottle dwindles as you use it.

    Still have a customer for life here! (Posted on 2/3/2018)

  12. Smells good Review by Grant

    I have used this product many times when I go out for a night on the town with friends and I've noticed a positive reaction in the people around me. I've also been complimented on how good it smells. (Posted on 1/29/2018)

  13. Been using for years! Review by ryan

    Still my all time favorite. The smell is unique and not overpowering. My wife always responds very well to it. There has been times where after she has finished with me, she asks if I was wearing it. Almost like I tricked her!! (Posted on 11/28/2017)

  14. Very good product Review by Francis

    Chikara, is a very effective product. I notice a increase in friendliness and people seemed to be very relaxed and happy when i wear this product. I splurge on this one when I can.
    My mainstay is Edge the Sandalwood scent. Also a very effective and excellent product. (Posted on 9/26/2017)

  15. makes my wife even horny for women! Review by Joseph

    I use it all the time I love this product I use it all the time I go out to bars and clubs and all the women hot women hit on me I let a couple get me! makes my wife horny even for women too! (Posted on 6/26/2017)

  16. Excellent. Wow. Review by James

    One of my best success stories with this stuff, started out with her commenting on how nice I smelled, commenting on how hot the room felt, then all of a sudden we're making out, and to top it all off, I come out of the washroom and she's already naked. I hardly had to do a damn thing. Stuff is great. (Posted on 1/5/2017)

  17. Very good pheromone Review by Antonio

    Chikara, is a well balanced pheromone in exaggerations, and with a good amount per ml! I liked the smell, and the women gave me more attention! (Posted on 11/29/2016)

  18. Most excellent Review by don

    Lots of confidence when i use this and women respond (Posted on 5/23/2016)

  19. Maybe its perfect Review by Mudassar

    I think its best for me but i need to check a sample (Posted on 3/24/2016)

  20. very Review by tyr

    very good (Posted on 1/14/2016)

  21. Can't explain its amazing Effectiveness !!! Review by Danny

    I am a male in my 20's, I started using Chikara at age 21 and used it for about 2 years, it's kind of expensive, I noticed that during the time I used it going out to clubs in NYC my getting laid rate per weekend was higher than after I stopped using it, I chilled a little and Now i'm out again looking for that thrill of just 4 years ago and have been trying for a year without Chikara and my getting laid rate is relatively lower than back then when using this product. I would say it went down to i'd say 70%, So you can tell it's a drastic decrease, I'm still the same guy and for any guy in NYC you know playing the game with the chicks out there is not easy with their chicken head thoughts.

    I have reinfornces my 26th birthday with 2 bottes of Chikara for the end of this 2015 year, so let's if it was really Chikara that did the trick.

    PS. I always got looks, compliments, at ease conversations, comfortable approaches to and from girls, does boost your confidence. a whole lot. do have to play around with the amoutns you use, young guys should use very little, older guys past their 40's should use a lil more for example, I used to press the spray button only once in my wrist then spread that amount to my other wrist and from there spread in the back of your ear all the way down to your neck and bottom jaw.

    for older guys I would recommend to try up to 2 sprays 3 would be too much but up to you. (Posted on 12/17/2015)

  22. great with alpha 7 Review by Logan

    i put 2 drops of alpha 7 on each wrist, small drops, prob equal to One "full size " drop on each wrist, then one around the underside of each ear, then i sprayed each spot with chakira, my girlfriend, a virgin that wanted to wait til marriage, lost it to me with in the first 10 minutes of me ever wearing this, I would never make this stuff up! This is Magical Science at its finest! My gfs mom even gives me "the eyes" sometimes! shes next! (Posted on 12/4/2015)

  23. Smells good Review by Phill

    Not sure how well it works, but it smells great. Every time I wear it, I always get complimented on how well I smell. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

  24. One of the best ever Review by Joshua

    This Chikara stuff just is amazing. ive used it in meetings, clubs and nearly anytime I meet someone new and every time people just are more attracted it seems. Like magic in a bottle. (Posted on 10/13/2015)

  25. 5 Star! Review by Michael

    This is one of my favorites. I noticed more attention from women in general. At work, the gym, even in the bar scene which was some what of a surprise to the degree. It's definitely a winner and helps keep your confidence up with the right type of vibe to attract any women to you. (Posted on 10/12/2015)

  26. i love it Review by Maria

    i think that this great and I'm dying for having even more of this products (Posted on 10/6/2015)

  27. Nice smell, but.. Review by Lars

    In the beginning I felt Shikara was doing something for me. But it almost seems like the effect has just faded while I've been getting older. I'm checking out another one now. :) (Posted on 8/22/2015)

  28. Awesome smell Review by Haman

    Awesome product, my wife slept unusually close to me the night I used it. Im not sure if it was the pheromone or not, but either way we both loved the smell, and I will be ordering it again off that fact alone...great product. (Posted on 7/27/2015)

  29. Something about this one Review by iCanSmellU

    There's just something about Chikara.. Most of the time, whenever I have it on, girls just want to play fight with me.. (Posted on 7/16/2015)

  30. Triple A rated Review by Leonard

    Wonderful smooth long lasting and fresh smell. Works so well, women will move closer to you just to smell it. Creats an aoutomatic connection with the opposite sex (Posted on 7/15/2015)

  31. Chikara, not sure if it worked or not but putting it on helped to put me in the mind set of "Anything Could happen" LoL Review by Matthew

    I purchased Chikara and I am not sure if it worked or not. But what I can say is that putting it on helped to launch me in the mind set of "Anything Could happen" LoL. Perhaps I have enough of my natural/personal "MOJO" working for me and anything else such as colognes or purchased pheromone is gravy baby....

    On the other hand, maybe it did work and I was not aware enough to notice. Either way, its fun putting the products on, be it scented or unscented just to go out and be open what may happen. (Posted on 7/15/2015)

  32. 20somethings like this Review by Ernest

    In my tests with this product, it seems to garner a more positive reaction from women in their 20s, while not so much with older women. (Posted on 6/30/2015)

  33. Good Product Review by Ben

    I just started using the produce, and the smell is pleasant, not over powering. (Posted on 6/26/2015)

  34. Positive Review by Tyrone P

    Ive tried Chikara on a couple of occasions and have noticed that women appear to be more receptive than without. Definitely going to continue to try this. (Posted on 6/25/2015)

  35. Subtle Review by DOC

    I seem to notice some very furtive glances from females when wearing this fragrance. I pick up on some head turning on the sly from my peripheral. Very pleasant scent as well. (Posted on 5/21/2015)

  36. Interesting Time Review by Chris

    Only bought this item once and had an interesting time with it. The night I refer to was one where I intentionally sprayed the item on the left side of my neck...and a different cologne on the right. That night I had an encounter at a party where a woman (after some eye contact - it was a dance party) ATTACKED the left side of my neck. So, I would deff. give it a try. (Posted on 5/21/2015)

  37. Great Product Review by MrScent

    I always get great comment about how great and sexy I smell :) Must be working@ (Posted on 5/21/2015)

  38. Powerful stuff Review by Chris Canorte

    Works great by itself with only a spray or two. I've used it with Liquid Trust and it makes for a good combo too. (Posted on 5/11/2015)

  39. Review by Azman

    Waiting for my third Chikara. This is real guys.It works. Its not magic its science. (Posted on 12/4/2014)

  40. Review by Lee

    Chikara has a pleasant scent and is reasonably priced. Im still gauging its effectiveness but so far I am pleased with the results Ive observed. (Posted on 11/1/2014)

  41. Review by Timothy

    This Cologne is awesome. Lots of glances and hits. Will be buying a new bottle soon. (Posted on 9/10/2014)

  42. Review by William

    This scent has always been my number one choice only because of the notice I have gotten from female friends coworkers and strangers. I was surprised at first that the testimonials I read were actually true until I discovered for myself. Now I am writing to tell you this is real. A great scent that does have women turning their heads. (Posted on 8/23/2014)

  43. Review by Matt

    Maybe its just me but to me its way too musky smelling. I feel like I stink all day after even one spray. No noticeable hits but Im not giving up with pheromones just yet. (Posted on 7/26/2014)

  44. Review by Nicholas

    Bought chikara off amazon couple years back. i was sceptical. i seemed to work well although when i bought it i was fat and had no life X-D. just bought another bottle and am looking to go out to the clubs with it on soon (Posted on 7/18/2014)

  45. Review by Ahmad

    I wear every time I go out. Several girls a day when I hug them always complement me on my smell describing It as nice raw or natural. (Posted on 7/10/2014)

  46. Review by Muhammad

    with chikara i have new girlfriend in my office....smell realy was good. (Posted on 7/4/2014)

  47. Review by Mark

    Great product. It works. When I use it quareented to produce results. Its like magic (Posted on 7/1/2014)

  48. Review by Ernest

    I used Chikara a while back and for me it seemed to generate a more positive response from younger women generally in their 20s or younger. It didnt seem to have any noticeable effect on older women. (Posted on 6/27/2014)

  49. Review by Francis

    I ordered Chikara Pheromone and I must say that I do notice women are much more receptive and friendly. Men also seem to be more communicative. I do not go to night clubs and such but I am sure if i did I would have a much easier time meeting women while wearing Chikara. I can tell it makes a big difference. Pheromones work no doubt. And Bruce the owner of this site is very nice and fair. It is refreshing to see someone who is generous and always offering good deals and discounts. (Posted on 6/27/2014)

  50. Review by Tony

    Hi all. Bought the samples first because I did not want to commit to a full bottle yet. They arrived on time thanks love scent and I tried them out. My initial impressions are for the unscented Chikara. It is unscented but there is a all but very subtle musk -ness in the background which a sensitive nose can pick. Most of my wearings were during the day and during daily morning commute in public transport. Well I cant say I got an ott reaction to this stuff from the ladies but from the few compliments I got they said what I was wearing is nice. I usually layer it with YSL body kouros coz Chikara stays very close to the skin.
    Generally it is true that you do get a faster heartbeat the minute you put on Chikara..if that is what they mean by confidence then yes it gives you more confidence...

    All in all Chikara is a great pherocologne but to be honest I did not get the reaction I was expecting. Maybe next purchase will be the scented one. (Posted on 6/27/2014)

  51. Review by Greg

    I purchased the Chikara Pherome Cologne and I really liked the smell of it. It definitley helps with getting womens attention. I would definitely recommend this product. Also the gel packets work great too. (Posted on 6/26/2014)

  52. Review by Edward

    Purchased Chikara cologne unusual musky smell not unpleasant to wear you only need two sprays which will last all day or night
    Because you are aware that you are wearing chikara i think it boosts your confidence a bit
    The musky smell soon fades on meso i also have a spray of Body shops white musk it seems to blend well..
    As for extra female attention I am still waiting but to be fair I have only wore it at work so far.
    Also 1010 to love scent fast delivery to the UK.. Eddie UK (Posted on 6/26/2014)

  53. Review by Eduardo

    You will not be Brad Pitt women will not jump to you like crazies but you will feel that women are more receptive and open with you and that gives you the confidence to try to go deeper or not.
    Its a tool not a magic potion. (Posted on 6/26/2014)

  54. Review by John

    I tried the Chikara Cologne for Men and really didnt notice any increased hits among females. I am new to the pheromone phenomenon so I expected a bit more results. I used it over a 1 month period with no noticeable change. I did enjoy the smell and did not notice that it put anyone off so as a general cologne it was ok. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  55. Review by John

    I tried the Chikara Cologne for Men and really didnt notice any increased hits among females. I am new to the pheromone phenomenon so I expected a bit more results. I used it over a 1 month period with no noticeable change. I did enjoy the smell and did not notice that it put anyone off so as a general cologne it was ok. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  56. Review by Marcus

    Its ok not as great as much of the hype has been. If you use more than the smart 2 out. It will backfire on you. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  57. Review by STEVE

    I promptly received the Chikara order in the mail as ordered.
    It has a very pleasant scent which I have truly enjoyed wearing as I would my favorite colognes. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  58. Review by Mikael

    My exeperience is that it pus the wife in the mood. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  59. Review by Uncle

    While Chikara isnt the magic potion that some disingenuous pheromones purport to be it is a great conversation starter. I personally believe pheromones are just one piece of the puzzle. Looking good having confident charisma and great conversation are also important parts to successful dating. But smelling good is an element that draws women closer. Chikara has an alluring smell and seems to allow women to relax as they engage you in conversation.

    In my experience women tend not to want to start a conversation by telling a man how good he looks. However Ive had women start conversations with telling me how good I smell. Of course I follow up with a huge humble exhibition of the pearly whites a returned compliment and a gentle but firm handshake. For me Chikara has done its job at that point.

    One of the best attributes of Chikara vesus some other pheromones is it doesnât seem to have the negative potential side effects of wearing too much or poorly mixing with oneâs natural pheromone production. While Iâm judicious in my use I donât need the concern of how much Iâm wearing to be one more thing on my mental plate when going out.

    If youâre not a chemist and youve otherwise âgot gameâ Chikara is probably the best colognepheromone for you. While Chikara will help with making introductions smoother you actually getting laid is going to require a more complete set of attributes.

    Uncle Warren (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  60. Review by Ramon

    Just Try it You have everything working in your favor. It works so well it is even scary at times when you see women fighting for your attention cK.
    Have confidence on yourself that is the secret Its that easy
    How do you get confidence Stop caring about others B.S. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  61. Review by Arvana

    I really like the scent of this product and get tons of compliments on it. I find its effect more subtle than other in your face products and I treat it as the icing on the cake of creating attraction. Im ordering a second bottle as Ive almost finished the first one (Posted on 4/15/2014)

  62. Review by Fabio

    I have used pheromones the last few years and let me tell you I love it the girls love the smell.
    It seems to really have an effect on women almost like you are luring them in .
    I love this chikara stuff just a few sprays and your good to go. This stuff works (Posted on 3/27/2014)

  63. Review by NXL

    Very good scent. I got this about a year ago and it has been my go to choice of fragrance when going some place special. (Posted on 2/27/2014)

  64. Review by Ahmad

    Great product works in addition to confidence. I put on the pulse points wrists and neck and mix it with other scents. (Posted on 1/17/2014)

  65. Review by Gerhard

    Hi guys I have recently purchased range of Pheremones including Edge NPA and Chikara of which the Chikara smelled the best. But to be honest I got absolutely no hits with any of them which leads me to believe they are all a scam. I tried all possible ratios and mixes but to no avail. Hope you have better luck than me. (Posted on 1/17/2014)

  66. Review by azman

    I always get positive results from Chikara. It is true that this pheromone can attract younger women. One of the typical sign that i got was long stare and they become talkative. Even some of the men become talkative when they are around me.This pheromone is suitable for both social and work environment.Might work really well if you go for job interview. It helps to create an aura of coolness around you and the positive feedback from people around you can boost your confident. (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  67. Review by Timothy

    I was definitely doubtful that these pheromones would be successful. But after wearing chikara the first day I noticed a change. I actually have girls approach me more than I ever have. I have girls come up to me at work as well as out in public. It seems like it makes girls want to talk to me. Ofcourse from that point the rest is up to you. But it definitely gives me a competitive advantage. It almost seems unfair. (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  68. Review by Juha-Matti

    My girlfriend absolutely loves this scent and it drives herÃtà crazy. This is a musky scent so you van wear it as a colone. (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  69. Review by ABDUA

    When I first bought the product it seem at the office that one lady stated somebody sure do smell good and it was me but since then I have not receive any response out openly. (Posted on 1/15/2014)

  70. Review by Keegan

    This product seems to work girls definitely seem to be more into me as crazy as it sounds. Maybe I am just mental but regardless this stuff still smells pretty good and I get compliments on the scent fairly often. So even if the pheromones dont actually work at least it does what a good cologne is supposed to do: smell good. (Posted on 1/15/2014)

  71. Review by Paulo

    I loved the smell but the real deal is that it works.
    But as the difference between the cure and the poison is the dose.
    You shall find yours everyone has

    Got lots of interested curious eyes from the girls
    and the others that I work with they laughed from the most stupid jokes lol.

    Recomended. I will get me some more also soon. (Posted on 1/9/2014)

  72. Review by Mikko

    I am totally new into Pheromone thing .Im gonna tell about my first experience with Chikara and I hope somebody can comment or help me out please.

    I got divorced with my wife 4 months ago I try to get her back. Shes 23. We have one child.

    So I put one spray on my wrists and one on my neck inside the bus then I walk 2km then I arrive to my ex wife home.

    After a while she went to bed and I felt her very sumise. So I hug her as she has no let me do it in long time. I had a good impression of Chikara.

    Next day there was a children birthday party. I took a shower then I did the same one spray on the neck one spray on the wrists.

    Inmediatly I went to the kitchen where were 6 people. Straight off I arrive my ex-wife said What a fuck smells smell like shit.

    She got this reaction right away 3 seconds after I arrived. At this moment I didnt realized it was me. I asked her to smell my new cologne then she didnt like at all. And ask me to do not wear never again.

    Next day early in the morning she woke me up she knock my back and give me indications in corporal language in order that I got permission to hug and touch her body then I did first time she does this I didnt expect it .

    At 14:00 I put only one on my neck. While exwife was not at home. 20min later she came back home and said Are you again using this cologne please put on other cologne...Few hours later she was sumise and I could hug her at the bed for a while.

    I had to leave because we talked about it before. However I wanted to stay for one night more.

    When I was on the bus on the way back she wrote me an SMS. You would have to stay here ...
    I have to add.
    After separation Ive been visiting her and staying at her appartment for two to three nights per weekend sleeping in the same bed.

    However she doesnt allow at all any kind of hug kiss or even dragging words to her and of course no sex.

    My presence is very annoying to her no matter what I do or what I say she gets angry and uncomfortable.

    Other thing I want to tell during these days I was using Chikara I think she was ovulating.

    I dont know if because of this she has over sensitive smell or Chikara pheromone is not good for her.

    Sorry for my brilliant English (Posted on 11/3/2013)

  73. Review by John

    I have been using Chikara for about 5 years. There is a reason Chikara is a best seller. It works and it works well for me It does mostly work a bit better on younger women and occasionally it works to well. I was at a local gathering when I saw a nice looking young woman working her way through the crowd like she was tracking something. She stopped right in front of me looked me up and down got a funny confused look on her face snorted in frustration and went back the way she came. My wife watched this with me she knows I use Chikara and loves it She was as surprised as I was. My wife teases me about the women she catches checking me out.

    I only use Chikara to help me get positive reactions as I go through my day. I travel often and women seem more attentive and friendly and this is a plus since I mostly deal with women. This helps with clients and soon to be clients. It even helps at the front desk a hotel. They remember me when I come back because the conversation is between friends and I seem to get better rooms at great rates. It does help to be friendly and and you still have to have be a positive upbeat nice person. If youâre not - it just enhances your negative qualities.
    If I was single this would be a helpful tool to at least get the conversation going. I do get in situations that all I would have to do is just press the issue and I would be in. I donât but I do have lots of female friends who always seem glad to see me I get smiles and some really great hugs (Posted on 5/27/2013)

  74. Review by Crizaldo

    I got this last year and I only use it for reason because I treat it as a special gadget to attract attention especially with women. I am a IT guy and I tested it and it really works. There was a time that I went to a company to fix some IT related problems the women on that office never leave me and she was talking near to as if she was talking to his BF with matching glow on her eyes. My colleague woman who is a snobish when ever I wear this cologne to attract her attention got always a problem with her computer eventhough its a small problem that she can fix it she is always calling me and standing besides me all the time. I gain a lot of confidence when I am wearing this perfume. It got magic oh by the way I am a Fil-Am (Posted on 3/7/2013)

  75. Review by Anthony

    This product as a standalone creates an air that women just want to be close to. Due to its relatively low pheromone concentration it is logically the scent that draws. Not once have I gotten a poor reaction from Chikara though the varied responses on the smell are something to behold. Yet the worst response I have gotten was that it smelled like a drier sheet what women doesnt enjoy warm clothes right after a cycle though Out of any of the products on this site I cannot recommend this one more highly.

    Remember two sprays average. Treat like your average cologne and works very well as a cover scent. Normal application areas recommended for all experience levels. (Posted on 1/23/2013)

  76. Review by Max

    Also these review forms suck and removed almost all of my punctuation. Good grief. (Posted on 1/3/2013)

  77. Review by Max

    Ive been using pheromones since I was about 13 and have acquired roughly 13 years of experience since then. First off no pheromone will create a miracle. If youre ugly ill-tempered or so shy you cant interact with a member of the opposite sex - you have some work to conduct on yourself before you should seek out pheromones for assistance. Many negative reviews I read appear to come from inexperienced individuals.
    A lot of experimentation is needed before you can give a verdict on a product. Wear too much and you will get very negative reactions too little and you wont be able to discern a change in behavior. What works for one person may be overkill for another. Wearing chikara in varying amounts i have experienced: male friends becoming very aggressive albeit not towards me made a girl extremely horny but she also told me I needed to take a shower constant eye contact girls have become almost nervous and desperate for any attention I have gotten many of my friends laid after spending some time together with them and their girlfriends my bosses have had much more respect for me parents have been more confident in me random people will look at me as if Im some celebrity they cant quite place police have been more forgiving my dog has viewed me as a leader I have noticed a slight revitalizing effect on myself and men and women alike have looked to me for direction in the workplace. Take this all with a grain of salt do not expect to mirror my results. I draw looks from attractive women without any help and can befriend almost anyone without effort. The reaction I have noticed is most common among women however is for them to become very horny - beware Happy hunting : (Posted on 1/3/2013)

  78. Review by David

    Radio Dave:
    I am a young vital 60 year old man OMG where did the years go..whom has always been successful dating beautiful Women. But after 50ish It became more challenging with Women...particularly mature-hot Women and why mature women NEED pheromones to re-activate their sexuality. I purchased Chikara a while back but became very impressed when I mailed a music CD to a new 52 year old female friend which I had sprayed the label area with a small dose of Chikara. She called me the day the CD arrived and while opening the music CD she told me quote -I feel very horny for some reason-..then while she played the music CD I could hear her breathing cooing-hummin ohh mmm-yes YES She told me she couldnt resist herself feeling sooo horny... she actually masturbated ...knowing I could hear her made it more arousing she said Get this...we had not even met in person yet...we were going on an arranged by friends date This IS an absolutely true story.
    WOW..hurray for pheromones (Posted on 11/24/2012)

  79. Review by David

    Radio Dave:
    I am a young vital 60 year old man OMG where did the years go..whom has always been successful dating beautiful Women. But after 50ish It became more challenging with Women...particularly mature-hot Women and why mature women NEED pheromones to re-activate their sexuality. I purchased Chikara a while back but became very impressed when I mailed a music CD to a new 52 year old female friend which I had sprayed the label area with a small dose of Chikara. She called me the day the CD arrived and while opening the music CD she told me quote I feel very horny for some reason..then while she played the music CD I could hear her breathing cooing-hummin ohh mmm-yes YES She told me she couldnt resist herself feel so horny so she actually masturbated ...knowing I could here her made it more arousing she said Get this...we had not even met in person yet...we were going on an arranged by friends date This IS an absolutely true story.
    WOW..hurray for pheromones (Posted on 11/24/2012)

  80. Review by David

    I have a lot of experience of pheromones but its always been Chikara that has given me the best results. The best smelling of all the products ive tried and by far the most effective....confidence in a bottle (Posted on 11/20/2012)

  81. Review by Orlando

    For me chikara pheromone wasw not that good. Would not buy it again. (Posted on 11/20/2012)

  82. Review by Thomas

    Very good pheromone product. It works much better than the Androtic line or any of the other products. Ive tried Pherlure AMMUNITION In the Battle of the Sexes AMMUNITION In the Battle of the Sexes DOUBLE STRENGTH Turn up the heat Come talk to me version 2 A314 Instant Shine Instant Honesty Instant female magic Turn up the heat DOUBLE STRENGHT Instant honest DOUBLE STRENGTH and many many more. This is at least 50 times better than the best pheromone product Ive ever tried before this.

    This works so well that on the first day I got sexual advances from women including men.

    A lot more eye contact a lot of peeking and lip licking.

    Too expensive though. (Posted on 5/11/2012)

  83. Review by Rusty

    First off the overall smell is not for everyone but ok to me. I had tried this cologne about 5 years ago and have been looking for it since. It worked for me instantly. My brother used itand he is the biggest skeptic i know for the first time and had another first hist first threesome No joke love product (Posted on 10/10/2011)

  84. Review by Mark

    I loved the scent.It attracted a lot of attention from girls that wouldnt even give me the time of day if I were to ask them
    What a great product. (Posted on 9/21/2011)

  85. Review by Maxime

    i just received it and i wanted to make a review about the scent. it smell fresh but odor is a little bit bizzare i recommand to put it with other parfum. smell is not bad but not good. i feel very calm when i use it. will give more info soon. (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  86. Review by Daniel

    I dont really write reviews about products but I had to make an exception with this product Chikara scented sorry for the long review.

    It is my first time at wearing pheromone cologne and being a bit of a sceptic I wasnt really expecting much. At worst I figured it would just be a new aftershave to wear so I went for it.

    Holy shit. On the second night I wore this stuff I can honestly say this stuff is for real I mean holy shit lol.

    Im a confident young looking 35 yr old guy. I work in a bar and generally have no problem meeting girls I was just looking for something extra and see if this stuff worked. So when I wore Chikara I had my usual confident manner and didnt really know what to expect other than a few comments about some new aftershave.

    Well first off I had one girl at work tell me that I smelled really good like REALLY good. She kept grabbing me as she was leaving and I thought ok thats interesting.

    But later that night another girl just blew my mind and proved to me this shit really works.

    We were chatting most of the night I work with her and she suddenly asks me what I am wearing. I ask her why do you like it She loved it so I asked her what it smelt like. Her answer ... it smells of sex I love it

    I asked her how it made her feel and she told me fucking horny. Later on she asked me to spray some on her so she could smell like me lol. Seriously Im not making this up.

    When that happened I broke a huge smile inside and thought this was incredible. I never expected a reaction like this but if I can get hot girls and she is pretty damn hot : to tell me that I smell like sex and it makes her horny then I had to share it with you guys.

    Im a complete novice when it comes to pheromones and Im sure that different scents have different reactions for everyone. Maybe I just got lucky with this one I might be the right age and have the right personality I dont know but really cant recommend this enough.

    5 Stars (Posted on 6/20/2011)

  87. Review by Danny

    i got my Chikara last friday i tested it the next day on saturday at a nightclub i followed the directions i sprayed twice on efor each side of my neck right where you can feel your heart beats and i rubbed it with both of my wrists one for each side of my neck. first i went to a friends house who was throwing a party for another friend because of his birthday it was a small studio and i greet everygirl in the room with a kiss in the cheek like we Hispanic people do i did not notice any reaction with any of the girls in there...after a while the party was getting full of dudes and there was no music because something happened to the audio so me and my best friend whos a lot older than me decided to go out clubbing. we went to very recognized club here in new york city which is always full of girls. i danced and talked to a few girls just normal but none of the girls seemed to have a reaction other than what i always get. so i dont think Chikara works for me unless i have to do a lot more testing. any way i ended up making out with this chick who had a nice body gorgeous body but out of like ten times i go clubbing probably 5 of them i end up making out with some chick and i consider myself a decent looking type of guy. im 22 years old by the way. any body got any suggestions because to me it just seemed like a normal clubbing night i didnt notice anything different at all from any girl at all. should i spray more Chikara (Posted on 4/26/2011)

  88. Review by Derek

    Let me say as a okay looking guy this stuff works..and smells like Vinegar to a degree.your going to get looks from the opposite gender...what matters is how your conversation skill are and how you compliment her Read this link about complimenting women...Women want to be appreciated for their perfume and personalities..they appreciate this: (Posted on 4/4/2011)

  89. Review by Jacques

    The scent of this cologne is terrible. I would never wear a scent that smells like this. (Posted on 3/30/2011)

  90. Review by Patrick A

    Let me first say that I am a person that is skeptical of any product like this if I don't have personal or second hand knowledge through friends or family. I do not like striking out blindly about something especially when it comes to laying out $60 for something that may or may not work. By nature I am somewhat more of a reserved guy and at this point in my life need a little edge since I don't go out all that much.

    I purchased the scented cologne and received it in a timely manner and found that I was pleased with its fragrance. I used it recently when I went to a “meet and greet” social the night before the 30-year class reunion of the class that graduated 1 year BEHIND me. (I mention this because I don't think I would have found myself getting any more attention than the complimentary polite greetings and normal conversation since these were classmates that did not know me as well, if at all.)

    No one made comments about my cologne, however I made 2 serious contacts with women that gave me more attention than what I would have expected. Both were opportunities that I could have taken advantage of. The following night at the reunion was much the same. Was it the Chikara? I absolutely feel that it was and I will give it a strong 4 out of 5 and will field test it again. I’m now considering purchasing the unscented cologne to make a comparison.

    I don’t think one can truly measure how close 1 needs to be to another for them to smell the fragrance because everybody’s sensory perceptions are different. However, I think that passing by another is enough to “drift” the scent. In addition a noisier environment is a bonus where 2 people need to communicate close to each other in order to be heard. (Posted on 9/4/2010)

  91. Review by Amir

    Honestly I bought this stuff and people said they could only smell it if they were right on me. Meaning a girl would have to hug me to smell it otherwise it is too weak of a smell. the fragrance is very good indeed. Very good just not strong enough. I didn't have any results with this but npa that sht worked like crazy. The edge sample packets i just got and a girl said it gave her a headache and it gives me one also because of the alcohol smell is strong. She was very sexual with me though but i don't know the whole deal because she calls me every once in awhile so don't know if it was that. (Posted on 7/19/2010)

  92. Review by hector

    Thank you love scent, chikara just arived, and really fast.. Ive ordered it on a saturday trew the site.. arived on friday afternoon.. and i live out of the U.S.
    As i open the package, yes it's very discreet and it a small spray bottle. But i wanted to write on this review because i wanted to compare with a pheromone
    cologne that ive been using for a few years now. it's call realm cologne, which it has a great scent and yes it has distant aroma, also as i smelled the spray top bottle of chikara WOW.. smells ALSOME! but it also haves a distant aroma but 10 times strong that i cant described and i swear to you the first thing i thought was.. man.. this is strong stuff! and dangeruos in a good way.. HA HA HA! But to compare the scent of chikara and realm... most definitely chikara handsdown
    got the best scent and will be among my cologne. To bad ive should of ordered more when i was so indecisive but love scent you have a client for life ; )
    I'll review more about the result on how it worked for me.. Thanks again. (Posted on 7/9/2010)

  93. Review by Barron

    So far Chikara seems to be working quite well for me. Had one incident where an attractive woman appeared to have followed me thru a department store to check me out. Same thing happened in a grocery store a few days later when wearing Chikara. I've tried other pheromone products but Chikara seems to be the one that's working the best for me. (Posted on 6/17/2010)

  94. Review by Vijai

    Ok second review......So the second day I wore the chikara, I approached three women. I must say they were all successful encounters. I ended up talking and giving my contact information to all 3 of them. Thats a good hit ratio 3/3. However the bad news is, none of them ended up calling. But as far as the pick up goes, it works well. I have tried it in combination with other products, which didn't fair well. I have tried a314, and it does what it says it does. I tried another product called instant shine, and all females agree that it smells better than chikara and a314. HOWEVER the best performing product between the 3 that I have tried is Chikara. By far it gives off good impressions to the ladies, and they do have noticeable reactions to the wearer of chikara. I will give this product a 4. I will continue to test, and update you on this product.


    PS. I used standard issue lines with all the pick ups. so nothing was vaired other than the use of chikara. (Posted on 5/29/2010)

  95. Review by Terrence

    I have nothing outrageous to report but I have experienced more attention from women when wearing Chikara. Mixing with NPA gets me respect from men as well and women are certainly more flirty. Chikara also smells great. I'd wear it even if it didn't contain pheromones. (Posted on 5/24/2010)

  96. Review by Vijai
    Rating I just got my bottle of Chikara today, and I tested it out for the first day. I didn't approach women, I wanted to see it's effects on a level playing field. I had a conference training meeting today. I sprayed one spray on my neck, and one on my wrists for a total of 2. It was so weird There were about 8 people in the conference, and all the men sat far away from me. When I sat I sat around a couple of females and males. ALL the males moved away from around me by the end of the conference. It was so funny. I got some bad attention from other males...One guy who didn't like me much in the past, came up to me and kinda pushed me from the side...i pushed back ofcourse, but he walked away. I saw a couple of other guys generally get pissed off at me. Weird.

    The ladies......Well I walked up to one I knew and gave her a nice close hug. She was holding some papers and i saw the paper in her hand start shivering...she started to shake a little...I didn't know if it was chikara or bad nerves. I went close to two other women who were happy with me. One even hugged me and had a nice closeness with me for a bit. The last one nothing was noticeable.

    I will be heading out to the club on sat, and try it out. I'm an average guy, with less than my fair share of women, with average skills in the PUA section. So we'll see....I'll keep you posted. (Posted on 5/18/2010)

  97. Review by Douglas Jay

    Absolutely outrageous! Chikara works miracles. (Posted on 5/8/2010)

  98. Review by Amir

    Okay I bought this and got it last week. I tried it on a girl who is wasn't my girlfriend who is now my girlfriend. Lets just say I am a pretty handsome guy and I am humble about it. I don't have problems with ladies. I wanted to see if it was bs. It had women no lie because I used pheremone advantage before this and that was okay. This chikara plus npa made my women go crazy on me. restuarants , stores etc. My new girlfriend would not stop kissing me on the neck and everywhere else every day I wore it around her. She went crazy and kept saying you are driving me crazy your scent something about you. No lie. I smiled. I felt like a porn king or something because i put a little too much on one night and this other girl that had a crush on me women were on the verge of fighting over me. I waited to write my review for fact or bs. This is the real deal with npa also. I will forever buy the products here always keep a fresh stock. (Posted on 4/12/2010)

  99. Review by Jaime

    This product doesn´t do jack! What a waste of money! (Posted on 3/30/2010)

  100. Review by Andy

    good stuff.... i had 4 hugs in a night which 2 are unexpected. will keep testing (Posted on 12/20/2009)

  101. Review by David

    What I've heard so far Sounds

    good, so I will try it. thanks for the comments! (Posted on 11/30/2009)

  102. Review by Guy

    I use Chikara almost exclusively with the exception of my other cologne Realm which is the other phero I use, but Chikara is by far my favorite and gets some pretty interesting results needless to say. This one works BEST with younger women for damned sure. When I don't wear it, they don't pay any attention to me, when I DO wear it, its like a fricken magnet. Blows me away every time!

    I started wearing it at work - and couldn't get any work done! They would be dropping by to chat, just walking by and then say that my cologne was really REALLY nice and wanted to smell it.

    Thing was - got a lot of different comments about smell, all said it smelled great, but some said it smelled like baby powder, vanilla or a combo of both, but could never get what it smelled like but they LOVED it.

    When I say *younger* women are attracted to the smell - believe it. I've had way - WAY too many wierd instances with younger women flipping out over this stuff and not in a good way, like almost stalking like behavior! I'm 46 and it is just way too damned wierd when 18 year old girls are flipping out to get to you. But yeah - it has an affect on them.

    Other than that, on older women, they definatelly get a *vibe* to be more open to you and chat you up. In a party scene it works very well with other mones, have tried it with a bit of NPA and Edge to some success.

    My most effective combo is Liquid trust, dab of SOE and Chikara. It's like a one-two-three combo knockout. For me that mones combo works rather well. (Posted on 11/11/2009)

  103. Review by Gunner

    Are you Kidding me? This Stuff IS A JOKE. $69 for a half ounce? Rip-off artist. (Posted on 11/4/2009)

  104. Review by Ali

    Is it me or does chikara smell like the cologne CURVE? (Posted on 9/14/2009)

  105. Review by AJ

    I used Chikara a few times now and it really works mostly with younger women, I had to pop into my local store for a few grocerys and was wearing it the attention i got was great loads of hits, I was really Sceptical about this at first but it was worth every penny. (Posted on 7/16/2009)

  106. Review by Michael

    I did an experiment where I put Chikara on one wrist and my old cologne Nautica on the other. Then at a party, I asked six women who already know me to sniff each one and tell me what they thought. Although all of these women are sexually active (think: swingers) none seemed to react in an unusual way. Some thought the Chikara did not smell very manly. I did not tell them that any pheremones were involved.

    I did a similar experiment a couple of weeks later with the same group. Eight women this time. Obsession for men on one wrist and Old Spice on the other. Six preferred the Old Spice, which costs about 1/7 what the Obsession cost! If I do any pheremone mixing, I think I'll use Old Spice for the cover scent. The women seemed more interested in getting close to me than they did when I did the Chikara experiment.

    It's a lot of fun to experiment with this stuff. I will try the Chikara again and see what happens. It's fun having women snif me! (Posted on 6/26/2009)

  107. Review by anthony

    Haven't tried it yet but from all the good reviews it sounds like it would work.. But the one question that keeps popping up in my head is "if your wearing the pheromone cologne next to another male while trying to attract a certain female, can that female become more attracted to him rather that you?" This question however, is not including other variables such as age, height, or looks; just the effects of good pheromone colognes like Chikara.. (Posted on 6/7/2009)

  108. Review by William

    Larry StreetMilwaukeeJerryC.Rosser333 (Posted on 5/9/2009)

  109. Review by James

    I used Chikara for the first time this morning and I will never buy another cologne. The sales lady at the store which was probally in her 30's seemed to be overlly helpful and kept giving me compliments about my looks and the way I smelled!!. I love this stuff, thank you Love-scent!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 9/26/2008)

  110. Review by Richard

    This did not work for me. Maybe it was too strong for me, had a girl that normally is responsive to me say that I seemed "scary". I tried with half of a gel pac to two and never really noticed anything.
    Going to try something not as strong. (Posted on 8/27/2007)

  111. Review by Rafael

    oye futy vdd q funcionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Posted on 6/25/2007)

  112. Review by Rafael

    me chingue a todas las putassssssssssssssss q conseguiiiiiiiiiiiii (Posted on 6/25/2007)

  113. Review by Ahmad

    I have used it and found amzing results when my offfice coleagues have started tralking nasty with me... Thanks Chikara (Posted on 4/20/2007)

  114. Review by Lonnie

    Alright I read the reviews before I purchased from Amazon and I was a bit leery of it I admit..

    And I have to start by saying I didn't use this product ALONE.. I made a special mix myself using Chikara, NPA for men and then a combination of two other colognes I regularly wear.. granted the colognes I normally wear could be a part of it, but I have to say I've never quite gotten so many remarks..

    First of all at work, the women in the office were certainly more talkative and hung around my area way more than normal, the guys seemed a bit edgy .. to me that seemed about on par with what I'd expect from this sort of thing, this was a definite change in behavior..

    Secondly, after work I went to see my girlfriend.. when I got there she gave me a hug and said I smelled very nice and then after a few minutes she pretty much attacked me, that isn't normal either, we have a great relationship but it's never quite like that..

    After I left her house I had a birthday party to go to at a local bar, I got a ton of comments about how I smelled and I was getting more than my normal share of hugs and conversation from the women there, it was unreal ..

    I can't say it has anything to do with a change in my behavior, I dressed the same as always, I didn't really say much of anything because I was busy at work and the bar was too loud and busy.. I never get this kind of reaction wearing JUST the cologne .. so I'm forced to believe the cologne and additive have helped

    in fact I just ordered another bottle of cologne and a 20ml bottle of NPA for men :-D .. I heard some mention about a free sample of gel packs, I didn't get that.. sadly .. but that's ok.. (Posted on 2/7/2007)

  115. Review by Guy

    I did use Chikara GEL Pack in the free sample and it really works. Each times I used 1/3 of the gel pack. Got many hits! (Posted on 2/17/2006)

  116. Review by ali

    tanc you .................. (Posted on 10/27/2005)

  117. Review by ali

    tanc you .................. (Posted on 10/27/2005)

  118. Review by Robert

    This stuff is x-cellent!! I quit my part-time job this one morning and decided to where the gel form out and about when I went to pick up something to eat. I was talking to the female manager of this new pizza place I went to and we started chatting like we knew each other for years. To make a long story short she hired me for a job I was looking for right on the spot without an interview. I am getting more Chikara today !!! (Posted on 9/19/2005)

  119. Review by Michael

    I have used pheromone products since I heard about them in 1987 (with Lure).
    I have only tried Chikara in the sample packets BUT each time I have done so I have noticed a significantly positive effect on the women I have come in contact with.
    Honestly, Chikara has come the closest to how I envisioned pheromone colognes to work: co-workers have been more talkative towards me and more touchy-feely, friends and casual aquaintances have been warmer and more intimate, and strangers have opened up more often (sometimes without a single word from me).
    The scent is great and would work (in my opinion) in most settings.
    Chikara is the real deal- it wont work magic by itself, but it will help start a few fires. (Posted on 6/14/2005)

  120. Review by Robert

    Let me start out by saying that I am first time pheromone product user.. Chikara (gel) was included in some samples I had ordered, and the first thing I noticed was the very pleasent smell which I did by the way recieve several good comments on..
    At first I didn't really notice a difference, then I'd say about 3rd day the people at work seemed more relaxed and talkative around me..Women were also nicer then usual, kind of a flirty kinda nice.. I'm very impressed with the product, and the effects of pheromones so I will definately be ordering some more.. In my opinion it's a great all around product, can't go wrong here..

    (For those wondering I'm not definately not the "Alpha Male" type, I'm very layed back and relaxed more shy than anything else and this stuff sure does raise self esteem. (Posted on 6/10/2005)

  121. Review by Daniel

    No one commented on me wearing this at first, but then i asked them to sniff my new aftershave (without mentioning what it was).. about 1/2 the women who did so said it made them feel very, very horny but also reminded them of babies for some reason. Get up close and personal and I beleive this stuff works or a least give you a 10-20% edge you didn't have before. The rest is down to you... (Posted on 4/28/2005)

  122. Review by Tony

    I love this stuff! Hits galore, plus the fragrance is pretty mellow so you can wear it in a non-nightclub/work setting without coming off like some offensive cologne fag. (Posted on 4/22/2005)

  123. Review by Frank

    CHIKARA IS AWSOME!!! On the first day of using it i had a ton of hits. The best one is when this girl at work walked down every isle i was in trying to find out where that heavenly scent was coming from. I got hugs from girls i didnt even know. One co worker kept rubbing up against me. She wouldnt leave me alone. (a little anoying after awhile) Amazing!!!!! (Posted on 4/7/2005)

  124. Review by Alan

    good product, it seems to work with me as far as i think. usually i talk to girls and they go come over can talk, but it seems that with this product, their friends come over with them too, so i get like more than i asked for, at times its like a little group around me. im not saying that this will happen to you too, but if you're already good at talking with girls in the first place, this can even enhance it like, then more girls will get interested in talking with you, at the end of the evening they were like "you better call me" "omg we live nearby we do stuff together!" and etc you know what you mean lol. but yeah good product.. i used 2 sprays on my neck and use my wrists to rub it around it (so i'd get some on my wrists too) usually i do one spray to the neck no rubs. but yeah whatever floats your boat people. this is a good product. (Posted on 2/20/2005)

  125. Review by richard

    I have had some great results with pheromones in the past, but let me tell you that Chikara was worthless. I was absolutely dissapointed. I am glad this is not the first product I tried or I surely would think pheromones are garbage. A complete waste. No stars (Posted on 9/22/2004)

  126. Review by Douglas

    I have done some tests on this product and lets just say it is effective. (Posted on 9/20/2004)

  127. Review by Chris

    Hello, Id like to say as a first time buyer of Chikara and any pheromone related products. I love the scent of chikara I didnt think it would smell so good. But my first night out with it on proved to me that pheromones work. I also have to say that it attracts alot of younger girls. I recommend this product to everyone just for the fact that its a pleasent smell. It also lasts longer if you dont rub or wipe it on you, just let the mister do its job. I am giving it a rating of excellent for the fact that it helped my relationship somewhat with a crush. Good Product!! Keep up the great work (Posted on 9/14/2004)

  128. Review by Jose

    Chikara is fairly a new product which is still in the testing phase for me, but having tried it on several occasions I've receive some good reactions. Seems to attract women of all ages(even teenagers), they're more open and pay attention to you than usual. I haven't had a sexual hit yet but one woman was eyeing me at a bar while her boyfriend was there. No mistake, she was definitely interested in me. It does have a nice sweet musk fragrance. Join the forum to read as much as you can on Chikara. (Posted on 7/9/2004)


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