Master Pheromones for Men

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Master Pheromones for Men is a pheromone cologne with an memorable scent and uniquely engineered pheromone profile. This powerful product triggers sexual responses and elevates arousal in those around you.

The Master formula places a large emphasis on self-effects, or the effects that a product has on the wearer. Master will elevate your mood, stimulate arousal and sexual appetite, and improve your confidence and attitude. You may notice enhanced sensitivity to touch, a stronger connection with your partner, and a greater interest in intimacy.

Simply apply Master Pheromones for Men wherever you apply your favorite cologne. Place a dab under the nose to make sure you are benefitting fuilly from the self-effects.

Master Pheromones for Men come in a 10 ml roll-on that is shipped in a protective cardboard tube.

Pheromone content: TRP2 (Axillary Secretions) and V1R/V2R (Vaginal Aliphatic Acids)

The Master formula is also available in the 1 ml trial-size Master Mini!

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