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Mistress Pheromones for Women

Mistress Pheromones for Women


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Mistress Functional Pheromones for Women is a pheromone perfume that pairs a unique pheromone profile with an alluring cover fragrance.

While many pheromone products focus on the effects that the pheromones have on others, the Mistress formula was designed with self-effects in mind as well. The pheromones improve the wearer's mood, confidence, and attitude, and also increase sexual interest and desire in others. Wear Mistress to stimulate arousal, improve communication, and foster trust in long-term and new relationships alike.

Mistress is already scented with a ylang ylang and ginseng cover fragrance, so you do not need to wear it with your own perfume. That said, users have reported that it blends well with other floral fragrances. Apply a 1-2 inch stripe of the pheromones to your wrists and throat, and place a dab under your nose for the self-effects.

Mistress Functional Pheromones for Women come in a 10 ml roll-on bottle and are shipped in a protective cardboard tube.

Pheromone content: Copulins, Vomeropherin, Estratetraniol, TRP2 (Axillary Secretions), and V1R/V2R (Vaginal Alipathic Acids)

The Mistress formula is also available in a 1 ml sample size with the Mistress Mini!


  1. Fantastic Review by Traci

    A friend of mine gave me the bottle of this that she had, and I am so glad that she did. I had never tried any type of pheromone perfume or oil before...but I am a believer now!!! I love the effect it has on my BF, he is so into me like he was when we first got together over 10 years ago. And idk if it’s the pheromones effecting me or just me feeding of his reaction, but my sexual appetites increases also and i just feel so much more confident!!! (Posted on 8/2/2019)

  2. Love It! Review by Sherry

    I love the Mistress Pheromones, it make me feel more confident, which makes feel like my husband wants me more than ever. (Posted on 3/25/2019)

  3. Love this stuff! Review by Ashley

    When you want your man to be more sensual and take his time in the bedroom, this is what you need! Whenever I where this, my man is extra attentive with long kisses and much longer fore play ..... especially down there. Plus there’s always multiple rounds. No quckies here. (Posted on 7/25/2018)

  4. The best flirty scent available Review by Vicky

    Mistress is the best pheromone I've ever bought! Period! I get guys coming up to me left and right, I even had a guy kiss me for no reason apologizing afterwards because he "didn't know what came over him". The way I've found that it works best is to apply it right on my cheeks and a dab under my nose and l feel my confidence sore and exude sexiness big time. Highly recommend this pheromone (Posted on 10/17/2015)

  5. Very Feminine Product Review by Karen

    I like Mistress because it is more feminine than the other pheromone products I have used due to the scent and the overall affect on me and my partner. He is much more attentive and frisky when I wear Mistress and I feel sexy, playful and youthful. I wear it with a touch of Victoria Secret Very Sexy perfume and it smells heavenly. I liked it so well I bought a second bottle (Posted on 5/24/2015)

  6. Review by SuZanne

    I tried Mistress I love the boost that it gives meIve lost a lot of weight almost 150 lbs. getting back the confidence that I use to have although coming needs a little help. MISTRESS is part of that confidence.My belovedis drawn to me even more than normallywhich is a wonderful bonus on top of what we already share. I get all sorts of attention from men women alikei.e. more offers of help in storesetc. more smiles thrown my way.It just is a difference that I enjoy. (Posted on 7/21/2014)

  7. Review by Lisa

    I just got this Pheromone. I love the smell of it BUT it doesnt last long. I roll it on generously and with in 5 to 10 mins it is gone : Very disappointed : (Posted on 8/8/2012)

  8. Review by Janice

    I didn't like the smell of Mistress. As far as the application, it says to put it under your own is to help reduce your inhibitions and not that of others, so I'm confused with some of the testimonals that say that others loved the smell. Maybe I didn't read the directions correctly, but none the less, I've returned it and hope to try PCC. (Posted on 10/28/2010)

  9. Review by siwongkorn

    I just wear it because it so nice smell. And all friends men and women like this smell. People are more friendly. Just smell not stay long and i want or maybe i used to. ^^ (Posted on 10/3/2010)

  10. Review by Elizabeth

    I just got this today. I put it on while still at mailbox. My honey noticed the enticing smell right off. he was a pure animal the rest of the day. I mixed it with pcc and the affect was amazing. I cant wait to see how it affects men in public.
    Definately reccomend this product and the pcc. (Posted on 4/20/2009)

  11. Review by Valorie

    This has a very alluring smell. Young men seem to really notice the fragrance (and want to be near it). (Posted on 6/25/2008)

  12. Review by Lisa

    It has a very pleasant scent that blends well with any natural floral fragrance. Works well with Alter Ego. No dilution required and easy to use. The moment I dab it on my mind races and I start thinking for sure I will get some (make that ALOT). I've used this for a while and watched how my man responded with and without this and I love the way he can't stop kissing me or reaching for me all night long when I have this on. Expect nothing less. (Posted on 5/21/2008)


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