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Do you consider yourself a pheromone expert? Are you very familiar with different pheromone molecules, what they do, and how they work for you? Are you ready to start designing your own DIY pheromone creations?

If so, the Fab 4 Chem Set is for you! This set contains four pure pheromone concentrates. Each concentrate is designed to be diluted in your favorite perfume or cologne. You can also mix the different pheromones to create a totally customized formula that suits your body chemistry and meets your needs!

Each Fab 4 Chem Set contains one 6 ml bottle of each of the following:



AndrostaDIENONE is one of the most well-researched pheromones around. It has a wide range of sexual, emotional, and romantic effects, and works well as an attractant.

AndrostaDIENONE enhances men's masculinity, triggers interest in dating and romance in both straight women and gay men, and improves the moods of straight women. While it is a male pheromone and does not work well to attract straight men, some women use AndrostaDIENONE for its self-effects.

AndrostaDIENONE has a mild pheromone odor that can easily be covered by a cologne or perfume.



AndrosteNOL is a social pheromone known as "the icrebeaker pheromone." It is a common addition to pheromone colognes and perfumes and works well in a wide variety of situations.

AndrosteNOL elevates the mood, relieves stress, and improves focus. It can give the wearer a friendly, socially dynamic impression, and can help bring people's walls down in both social and romantic situations. It also works well to balance out the sometimes-aggressive effects of strong sex pheromones.

AndrosteNOL has a light pheromone odor. The odor is easily masked by even light perfumes and colognes.



AndrosteNONE is a potent sex pheromone sometimes called the "alpha" pheromone. Because of its strong, sometimes-aggressive effects, pure AndrosteNONE is better suited to pheromone experts than beginners. 

AndrosteNONE can stimulate sexual interest in both men and women. It helps the wearer make a confident, dominant, sexually-charged impression. When used in too large an amount, it can make the wearer come across as overly aggressive, so it should be used sparingly for best results.

Pure AndrosteNONE has a strong odor similar to body odor, so it should always be paired with a cologne or perfume for best results.



AndrosteRONE is a mild sex pheromone. Its effects are similar to those of AndrosteNONE, but are not as intense. For this reason it is more suitable for beginners than more intense sex pheromones.

AndrosteRONE improves confidence, perceived authority, and sex appeal. It does not give as aggressive an impression as other sex pheromones, so it can be used in larger amounts with lower risk of pheromone overdosing. You can also use it to enhance the qualities of stronger sex pheromones without overdosing on the more intense products.



Dilute 1 drop of pure pheromone concentrate in 5 ml of your favorite fragrance. You may use 1 drop of multiple pheromones in the same 5 ml (for example, 1 drop AndrosteNOL, 1 drop AndrosteNONE, and 1 drop AndrostaDIENONE in 5 ml of fragrance). Experiment with this ratio and adjust the pheromone concentration and combinations as needed to see desired results.


NOTE: Each Fab 4 Chem Set comes with a pipette for measuring.


Remember, the Fab 4 Chem Set is intended for pheromone experts. If you are a newbie, we recommend you experiment with our other pheromone products before making your own.

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