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Super Primal for Her

Super Primal for Her


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Super Primal for Her, not to be confused with Primal Instinct, is a potent and unscented pheromone formula designed to be paired with your favorite perfume. 

Super Primal for Her contains AndrosteNONE, a powerful sex pheromone that enhances your natural sex appeal and confidence. Women will be more respectful and friendly with you, while men will be sexually drawn to you and eager to please you.

Be forewarned--this is a potent product, and it's easy to use too much. Just apply a few drops wherever you spray perfume and cover with your favorite scent. Alternatively, you can add it directly to your favorite perfume for easy application later. For best results, always use with a perfume or natural scent.

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  1. Love this product! Review by Samantha

    I’ve been using pheromones for over 20 years, and this is one of my favorites. I love that it’s unscented, because I like to use my own fragrances. I definitely notice the difference in how people approach and receive me! And it also gives a noticeable boost in my own confidence. Definitely worth trying out....I just ordered my second bottle! (Posted on 6/6/2020)

  2. Excellent results Review by SingerGirl88

    I used this for a long time. It has worked wonders for me with a long time lover after things cooled off a bit. Got some of this and it really sparked things up again. Also helped at work. People just take notice of you more. Only complaint is it comes in such a large quantity that you may not use it up before the potency dies down (mine lasted a couple of years) I put it on my hair and clothes. (Posted on 11/10/2019)

  3. Certainly didn't hurt ;) Review by Brooke

    I'm not sure exactly how this works but my husband and I have never gotten along better. It's like we were just on the same page about everything and could anticipate each others needs. Highly recommend! (Posted on 8/13/2019)

  4. AWESOME PRODUCT Review by Love

    I love this product I cannot say enough it’s easy to cover with perfume and it light . You only need a little amount of product and this bottle really last ! I love using this People are so friendly and amazing when I use this product . I get so many compliments and even sparks up conversations , people become so helpful and kind . It made me so outgoing and happy a boost in confidence and joy . Don’t underestimate this product it’s good . I use about 3 drops and it’s longwearing .This product makes everyone want to talk it’s a magnet . I place this on my wrist and dab it . I even more numbers using this product primal I love it ! Thanks so much !! I can’t wait to purchase more products it really nice I like primal lovescent is great !!! (Posted on 1/11/2019)

  5. Love pheromones Review by Jana

    I have used pheromones in the past and have attracted both sexes. My boyfriend but me some of your products and I just love them (Posted on 7/22/2018)

  6. A Winner! Review by KP

    This stuff is seriously awesome. I bought this a while ago, forgot about it, and recently found it tucked away in the back of my closet. The rest, as they say, is history. My husband cannot keep his hands off me when I wear this. I'm stopped in the street, at the grocery store, on the subway consistently. It works wonders at job-related events. Just a few drops on my neck and wrists and magic happens. Great value for such a large bottle - I see this lasting me a while and I will never be without this again! (Posted on 1/22/2018)

  7. Loved it Review by Nika

    I tried it and I loved it!!! (Posted on 3/2/2017)

  8. Love It!!! Review by Lisa

    Great go to highly recommend

    I always order more before running out. Has definitely helped this older gal in keeping interest, even when there's cuter younger women in the room (Posted on 1/9/2017)

  9. My fav! Review by Cynthia

    I have gotten in the habit of applying this every morning with my usual perfume oil. Since this one is unscented it doesn't affect the other but my day always seems better. Can't honestly say it attracts the opposite sex since I am not around many men but overall the people I work with are much more receptive and comfortable around me.
    All in all my fav! (Posted on 9/26/2016)

  10. sad no works Review by Jocelyn

    Sadly it doesn't seem to work. But I do love the other products I've got before. (Posted on 7/13/2016)

  11. Loved it! Review by Jess

    It gives me a great confidence boost and I've noticed that I have a sexual prowess that guys take a liking to, I mix it with super primal oils and it just makes me feel like I can have anything I wanted with these boys!! Definitely buying again !! (Posted on 1/8/2016)

  12. This stuff really works. Review by Saleen

    I have been using this with my favorite perfumes and boy, I can't believe the effect it has on some people.
    I want to know, will it stain your skin after using it for awhile?
    Can't wait to try more of your other products. (Posted on 12/6/2015)

  13. Fantastic Review by Joy

    I've been using this product for a few years now, because it works!

    One thing that is awesome, is that there is no stinky smell. That means it mixes well with any scent and it goes undetected.

    I typically use 3-5 drops in some of my body lotion (Bath & Body) and rub it on my neck and upper chest area.

    Generally speaking, most people are nice to me. Females though, sometimes have shown a little aggression to me. Males are pretty receptive...smiling, talkative, and eyeing me. My boyfriend....it drives him nuts (in a good way)...his hands are all over me ;). Rawr! (Posted on 11/17/2015)

  14. didn't work for me Review by Peggy

    Try as I might no matter how little or how much I used of this I didn't see any results. (Posted on 10/29/2015)

  15. Not as expected Review by Maria

    I wish I could chime in with the other positive reviews but this didn't do much for me personally. However it has the least odor/scent compared to other pheromone, none that are animal or copulin like. Perhaps I'll test it some more. (Posted on 9/15/2015)

  16. Absolutely Works!!!!! Review by Michelle

    I ordered this product and I've noticed that people are more willing to have conversations with me and I was not a believer in this at all but I have noticed better relationships with just people in general and I haven't tried it on love in terms of dating but it makes me feel better puts me in a better mood and overall conversations are easier to start and finish and more pleasant I absolutely recommend this product great sale price and used my promo code Labor Day. 30% off can't beat that I love love sent I will definitely be ordering more but I do recommend with this bottle that you buy a mini spritzer because it comes in a diaper and I feel like I'm wasting a lot of the product I feel it would be better if you could spray it on so I will just put it in a little spray bottle and use it it makes me feel good and conversations are easier (Posted on 9/6/2015)

  17. Magnetic Review by Shinko

    I'm not sure if it's working or not, but I mix this with my personal combo perfume and it gives the perfume a musky note.
    I did notice that people are more flirty and get really close to me. I don't know if it's supposed to have any kind of effect on women but since using this, I've become a magnet for both genders.
    Once I run out, I will be buying more. Especially since it gives me a kind of sexy confidence boost. (Posted on 7/15/2015)

  18. Review by Rebecca

    I love Super Primal for Her
    Ive used it for the last two years and cant believe the draw it has on men. I works wonderful with my own favorite perfumes and for an added kick super great with the Super Primal Pheromone Oils. It drives my man wild every time. Thank you for providing such high quality products. (Posted on 10/1/2014)

  19. Review by Linda

    This is my go to pheromone. It blends easily with any cover you choose be it exotic oils or your favorite perfume. Im on my third bottle to date and I dont go a day without it. I mix my own blends in one of the refillable spray containers they sell here and spritz through out the day. The results are amazing. Everybody seems to notice me. All my encounters tend to be very pleasant whether with males or females. It is delightful to be in your mid fifties and still get noticed (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  20. Review by Yvonne

    Excellent product I also love Scent of a Woman. You will have MANY friends after using any of this products. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  21. Review by Sarah

    Huge bottle And not a lot of scent Love it :D I can use it everyday and Im not afraid of running out. Its great I always see guys looking at me more - especially the guy at the gym. Hopefully something will happen because he has the body of a God no joke.
    Highly recommend : (Posted on 5/6/2014)

  22. Review by JONELLE

    I love this stuff.Every time I use it and go out to a nightclub all the guys want to buy me free drinks and chat with me.This stuff is a man magnet (Posted on 1/19/2014)

  23. Review by Sha

    I dont know what is in this stuff but every time I wear it I get a phone number and then some. Most of the time I wear it with a cover scent even though it does not have a smell. But its like the men just seek me out. I thought I was going crazy so I tried out like a few other scents by themselves and I got attention but did not seal the deal with getting a phone number and meeting up again. With this stuff I have gotten a phone number or 2 each time I wore it and they wanted to meet up again and take me out on dates. I wore alone and with a cover scent same results. This stuff is the St Ladies dont under estimate this one you wont be sorry. I wear it with a cover scent but I get results either way. This is definitely a keeper in my book and I will be a long time customer of this product. (Posted on 5/8/2013)

  24. Review by Nichole

    Ive been using this for a long time now and honestly cant tell if anything is happening. I use 2-3 drops on my wrists then dab my neck as well as one drop in each elbow crease. Maybe I need to increase it but overall I dont really notice anything different happening. (Posted on 10/6/2012)

  25. Review by barbara

    I have been using this since the beginning of the year-just about through my second bottle. I use it every day, because while I've noticed men behaving a little bit flustered around me at times, I've noticed EVERYone being more friendly and helpful. Absolutely no scent and easy to apply with the dropper bottle, just a bit does the trick. Once I accidently applied too much, figured "oh, well" and my doctor was literally tongue tied while he examined me! (Posted on 7/9/2010)


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